Wednesday, July 15, 2009


There are a number of pluses to staying home with the girls for the summer. Besides getting to spend oodles of time with them (which is much more pleasant now that we've all adjusted), we get to go on cool expeditions, like today's trip to Crockford Bridge Farm in Surrey. We came away with this bounty:

Two kilos of strawberries, a kilo and a half of the best raspberries ever and (not pictured) 500 g peas and one kilo of broad beans. This is our second trip to this particular establishment, and the kids have had a blast each time.

Dev is an expert picker now, while Boo spends most of her time grazing. I'm not at all sure what the UK party line is on gorging yourself before you pay for your pick your own goodies, so I try to keep her under wraps. This, however, is a losing proposition. I can only try to wipe of the majority of the evidence from her chin before we go to the register and hope that she's cute enough to get cut a fair bit of slack.

The proper way to prepare to eat raspberries

When we got home we made shortcake in preparation for dessert. This is what summer is all about.

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  1. that's so awesome. i'm totally jealous. and i love that boo ate her way through the fields. totally something mei mei would do. seriously, i think they're long lost twins... save the blond hair on yours.