Thursday, November 12, 2009

A real autumn

It's been fun watching the girls experience their first real autumn. And by real, I mean with leaves and rain and cold weather and everything! They seem to be enjoying it*. A brief pictorial essay:

Off to the dinosaur museum.

That's an evil look...

Yup, pure evil.


Leaf angels, not as satisfying as the snow variety.

Whee squared!

Miss. Diva Boo at B&Q (Home Depot equivalent)

Trip to B&Q coupled with the grocery store was too much.

Provisions. Himself was worried about the impending Guiness shortage scheduled to hit the UK Any.Minute.Now.

Now we're gearing up for an attempt to indoctrinate some British friends into the calorie consumption binge that is Thanksgiving, and the impending arrival of all grandparents and one set of uncles/aunts for Christmas time. We will have ten people in the house at one time. It's going to be amazing!

* Although Devil did say to me yesterday morning that she wanted to go back to Houston because it was warm there**.
** This from the child who refuses to wear tights*** and therefore goes to school every day with bare legs.
*** She would wear tights to school if she could wear the pink ones, but she can't so she doesn't. Sigh.


  1. That last photo made me guffaw (though the other ones were lovely as well). I've really enjoyed being a part of your Brit adventure--if only vicariously. Though the Staben women will be coming . . . and then there really will be a Guiness shortage (as well as run on McVitties digestive biscuits!)

  2. is it wrong that i though "that's about right" when i saw your last photo? so wrong it's right? happy turkey day, wh.

    and nice big piles of leaves!

  3. The Staben women had better get their butts over here ASAP, all of you! We have done some Scottish scouting, but certainly need to revisit and hit the distilleries.

    Hope you both have a lovely Turkey day! Ours is scheduled for Saturday, and I'm trying to come to grips with the fact that, although I can get an enormous frozen turkey at the drop of a hat, there are No.Fresh.Cranberries. in this country. It's a sad thing, really...

  4. how is that possible? do they resent the cranberry's revolutionary goodness? can your family import them/smuggle them in from new england? i like the idea that there might be cranberry sniffing dogs at the airport. (!) i know there are bogs over there - perhaps all you need is some entrepeneurial spirit and the ocean spray people...

    say hello to all the folks - gobble! gobble!

  5. I must admit that I have unfairly maligned the British cranberry supply. Devil and I went turkey shopping yesterday, and lo and behold they did have fresh cranberries! In teensy little packages...harumph. In any event, we will not got cranberry relish-less, much to Himself's distress.

    How can I have married someone who doesn't like cranberry sauce?