Monday, December 14, 2009

My Sunday

8:45 am: wake up to Boo, clad in a pair of red and pink striped wool socks and a tutu. Nothing else. Almost fall out of bed laughing as she proudly prances around the room.

10:15 am: untangle Christmas lights as girls pull out Christmas tree decorations and scatter them all over the room. Hang said lights and decorations.

10:47 am: tell girls to leave the glass Nutcracker ornaments alone.

10:48 am: ibid.

10:53 am: ibid.

11:45 am: start making lunch.

12:13 pm: Remove Nutcracker ornaments from tree, launching wails of disapproval and regret.

1:17 pm: leave house in blinding yellow jacket to go for ride.

2:34 pm: return to house in time to eat chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven. The best post-45-degree-and-raining bike ride snack ever.

4:16 pm: pack crazed children into car because we have no milk, no bread and nothing for dinner or breakfast.

4:23 pm: realize that Boo has fallen asleep.

4:28 pm: arrive at grocery store to discover that Devil has also fallen asleep. Turn around and leave.

4:39 pm: take advantage of sleeping children to launch expletive-laden diatribe against the gentleman on Radio 4's Open Book show who holds out the fact that Dan Brown's latest book has sold over a million copies in hardback as evidence that the publishing industry is alive and well, and that new authors have nothing to worry about. Headdesk.

5:10 pm: Boo still asleep on couch. Uh oh.

5:40 pm: Boo semi-awake on my lap. Himself drags children upstairs for quick bath before we go to friend's house for last-minute dinner.

6:05 pm: arrive at friend's house. Children start to bear a striking resemblance to grizzly bears on speed. They refuse dinner and instead embark on a mission to see how high they can bounce on the couch cushions.

7:10 pm: we leave friend's house with amphetamine-crazed children. Shortest dinner date ever.

8:15 pm: put girls to bed, and flee downstairs hoping for a miracle.

8:25 pm: I go back upstairs and replace both girls in their respective beds.

8:37 pm: Himself goes upstairs for relocation assignment.

8:51 pm: I return upstairs and am greeted with "Mama, I need a drink" from all quarters. Said drink is procured. Devil has some water, but Boo, upon being offered the glass, lies down on the bed and turns her head away. I leave. Boo erupts in wails - "I need a drink!" I go downstairs and get my own drink.

9:05 pm: Boo still going.

9:13 pm: I get sick of the yelling and go upstairs. Boo finally takes a drink. I leave.

9:42 pm: The pitter patter of little feet tells me that a certain small wingnut is still awake. I go upstairs, replace Boo in her bed, consider the pros and cons of duct taping her to the mattress and leave.

10:00 pm*: all's (mostly) quiet.

10:36 pm: finally venture upstairs to go to bed. Girls are asleep. Unfortunately, they don't stay that way (2:30 am, 3:30 am, etc).

This morning: Boo managed to rouse herself enough to eat some breakfast, and then slept all the way to school. I do not envy them One. Little. Bit.

* ETA: payback is sooooo sweet. Tonight, 6:37 pm, sleeping Boo. Wiktory, but I'm not sure it was worth it!

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  1. TOO FUNNY! I remember those days.

    I'm sure the household will be running like a clock when your company invades...errr...arrives.

    Happy fricken' Holidays!