Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The State of the Household

Last Thursday saw the end of our Month of Houseguests, when my parents went back to Boston Maine. Himself was leaving the next day for RAB, and Boo celebrated by...

...getting chicken pox. To say that I was underenthused about hanging out at home with her for a week while she battled through would be a slight understatement. But only slightly. So we shooed Daddy off for a plane to the northern end of the world*, and spent the weekend baking cookies, tie dyeing dresses, hanging out with some friends and going to see "The Princess and the Frog". And what do you know, due to thewonders of partial immunizations**, yesterday Boo went back to school! I can only hope she didn't proclaim proudly to her friends and teachers "I have chicken cocks!", a phrase she came up with while sitting on the can over the weekend, almost sending her mother to the hospital with hysterics.

The weather has vastly improved in the past couple of days, and I'm looking forward to the weekend, when we get in the car and trek down to the southern end of the world* to pick up Himself on Sunday. The part I'm looking forward to is not the five plus hours in the car to Cornwall, but getting to "camp" at one of these at the end of it. If you can call sleeping in a "tent" with walls, a woodstove and real beds camping. The girls and I will get to have some more quality time together hanging about and tending our chicken coop on Saturday, and we'll head down to Land's End on Sunday to get a tired, saddle sore Daddy. A friend recommended this organization to me, and it turns out she's been to this actual farm with her kids and they loved it. Here's hoping the weather continues to cooperate!

* That would be the UK northern end and the English southern end.
** She managed to get one of the two course chicken pox vaccines before we left the States, and her case was so mild as to be unnoticeable. We totally skipped the icky blistering oozing itching stage. Hallelujah!

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  1. I so want a vacation in a feather down farm tent now. Enjoy it!