Thursday, September 23, 2010


Our next door neighbors have a massive apple tree in their yard which, strangely enough, has grown/been pruned so that the majority of the apples fall into our yard. We've picked what we can reach, and last weekend we gathered up a bunch of the dropped apples to make into applesauce.

Last year I got an apple peeler/corer combo to deal with the plethora of apples. Devil, in particular, is quite taken with it, and we managed to peel about 30 apples inside of half an hour.

I did try to get Boo in on the peeling action, but she was more interested in the cut lemons on the counter.

What kind of odd child likes to suck on lemons? Bizarre...anyway, a pile of peeled/sliced apples, some lemon juice, a stick of cinnamon and about an hour over low heat on the stove made for some lovely applesauce. Most of which got stuck in the freezer, but some was devoured immediately. Hooray for fall.

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