Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a month it's been

I knew I hadn't posted in quite a while, but I had no idea exactly how long it had been until just now. This is the problem with having a) lots of visitors and b) the girls off from school for a week and a half for the half-term holiday.

Over the course of October, we were visited by a friend from Houston (for the weekend), Mermaid and Koala (two weeks covering the school holiday), my cousin who lives in New York (five days), and IM's cousin who lives in Tokyo (for dinner). It's been a bit nutty, to say the least.

More recently, we've had the stellar week-long chaos that is Halloween/Guy Fawkes Day. Halloween weekend started with a trip to get some pumpkins,


and ended with Ariel and Snow White heading off into the surprisingly warm evening to collect glucose products from the surrounding, unsuspecting neighbors. Halloween hasn't been such a big holiday in the UK, but it seems to be growing, with more and more trick or treating going on. I stayed home with my gimpy ankle and handed out sugar to children, two of whom distinguished themselves by seranading me with We Wish You a Merry Christmas, ending with the line "now give us some candy."

Trick or treating

Jack O Lanterns

The rest of the week has been spent in trying to limit abuse of my children's Islets of Langerhans and keep them in bed when the fireworks were going off after bedtime. In addition to Guy Fawkes Day on Friday, Diwali was this week, so it seems like there have been random firecrackers/fireworks going off every single night.

We headed to Battersea Park for the council fireworks last night. As last year, they were brilliant. And we made it home 1.5 hrs later with two sacked out children and several compressed vertebrae. Today is sunny and cold, and the leaves have covered the back garden. It's stew weather, wool sweater weather, pumpkin muffin weather, oh-my-gosh-its-getting-dark-early weather. Winter is coming.

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