Friday, January 7, 2011

Random musings

Last weekend I had the opportunity to experience, for the first time, the particular English institution of pantomime. These are theatrical performances that pop up like mushrooms after a rainstorm around Christmas time. I don't know what their form was orignally, but they now are theoretically targeted as family entertainment, with a big name (read: D-list American celebrity) to draw in the crowds.

We went to a production of Peter Pan. Sadly, our lack of planning meant that we did not get to enjoy the spectacle of Hoff the Hook, but the second stringer Springer was a good understudy. Listening to a group of pirates chanting "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" was only slightly more surreal then the gay pirate cabaret later in the show. No joke. It was my impression that it was one of Mr. Springer's first performances as Captain Hook, given that he seemed a bit taken aback by the audience participation factor (not to mention somewhat wooden delivery), but it was brilliant. Now I'm crushed that last year's Christmas flu meant that I had to miss Aladdin last year (with Pamela Anderson as the genie). (What is it with ex-Baywatch stars and panto?) I can't wait to see who is on the docket for next year.


Girls are back at school, and I'm back to work, just in time for rain, rain, rain. I made the mistake of riding to work yesterday without checking the weather forecast, and was very, very sorry. Pouring down rain and 45 degrees on the way in, enough time there to get my riding clothes mostly dried out, and then torrential rain, flooded gutters and somewhere in the region of 35-40 degrees on the way home. Lovely. My poor bike hates me, and I'm buying a single speed this weekend so I don't have to deal with replacing my drive train every six months.


Speaking of weather, yesterday Himself and I check the Met Weather office website (as we do on a regular basis), and discovered a somewhat contradictory weather icon for today: can it be pissing down rain and sunny at the same time? 

Well, now I can tell you: the walk to school and my run back home = pissing down rain. Picking up Boo from school and a later walk to the pool = sunny! Walking from pool to Wagamama with two worn out children in the dark = pissing down rain. Lovely.


While waiting for Himself to finish a physio appointment before dinner, the girls and I stopped at the local coffee shop to dry off a bit and fortify ourselves with chocolate. There I was, innocently shooting my eagle eyes at the door every time it opened in the hopes that it was my husband coming to rescue me from my lovely children, and lo and behold, Chrissie Wellington comes bounding through the store. All 5 foot 6 inches 120 lbs of hat trick Ironman World Champion. Dude. I wish I could say I got faster just through proximity, but I'm not sure even she has that superpower.


And just to round out my run-ins with famous people for the day, I think I've finally figured out why there have been Metro Police stationed at the end of a small road near the girls' school for the last eight months or so - could that be where our illustrious Deputy PM lives? Enquiring minds don't really care but feel sorry for the poor guys that are stuck sitting there all freakin' day.

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