Friday, February 25, 2011

Falling behind

I am horribly late in my blogging efforts here - there's a whole lot to be said about skiing and the creation of small skiing monsters, not to mention the French idea of the proper accoutrements for a hamburger. But the arrival of a certain wee dog has thrown a spanner into so many of my good intentions that I am totally off the rails.

To recap: wee dog has arrived, is incredibly sweet and eager to please, has a bald tail and hindquarters due to an unfortunate case of mites that his whole litter picked up, and is working on the not-peeing-in-the-house concept. The girls adore him, but I think he finds them more then a little exhausting. Which is good for the whole sleeping/crate training thing. So all is well. In fact, he's been alseep in his crate in the kitchen for the last almost-two hours: he got his second vaccinations today, and I think he's not feeling his best.

So next week, I promise: girl skiing, the French Alpes, and the meal that almost caused immediate cardiac arrest.

1 comment:

  1. I'm very excited about your wee dog, but even more so to see pics of the terrors on the slopes. Don't keep your public waiting, dearie. Oh, and call me.