Friday, March 18, 2011

Small c, big D

There's been a lot of wobbly teeth around our place in the last few weeks. The first of Devil's top front teeth came out last Saturday, and she spent most of the next few days wiggling the other one as hard as she could. By Tuesday, she bore a striking resemblance to a certain Emma Thompson character,


and a Halloween Jack O'Lantern.


Seeing her teeth wobble around makes my stomach wobble, so she took great glee in showing me her dangling tooth every time she could trick me in to looking at her mouth. Wretched child.

By Wednesday, the tooth was held in by sheer willpower and some serious good luck. I bet her a pound it would be out by bedtime.

I lost. It came out yesterday at school, and she's now got a gap that could accomodate a double wide. So the little twerp ended up with double the money from one tooth. Oh well. I guess it all evens out: she lost Saturday's victim in the car, so the tooth fairy didn't come to visit that night.

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