Thursday, April 7, 2011

D day

For the last two years, my enjoyment of the English spring has been somewhat hampered by massive snot production and bright red, Twilight-esque eyes (although I don't think the vampires eyes were quite so watery...). After 36 years without any real allergy problems, I have fallen victim to my immune system. Last year I tried my mother-in-law's suggestion of local honey, but I either didn't start taking it early enough, or it doesn't work for me. Thankfully, over the counter allergy meds seemed to do the trick.

This year's immune implosion occurred at precisely 11:34 pm BST on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. I was minding my own business, watching bad TV and knitting, when all of a sudden my nose exploded. By the time I went to bed, we were out of tissues. Yesterday we took the girls and my brother-in-law on a 6 hour round trip car journey to Aldeburgh, on the east coast, and I wanted nothing more then to lie down on the (lovely) stoney beach in the bracing sea breeze and take a nap (albeit with my head turned to the side so I didn't drown in my own excretions). Today was marginally better, but nowhere near good. Or in the same neighborhood as functional, which is more important, seeing as it's the Easter holiday and I'm on child/dog duty more or less non-stop for the next four weeks. And those lovely pills that kept me going last year? They seem to be an unnoticeable bump in the road to my runaway IgE load.

Himself pointed out that our ornamental cherry tree on the back deck has just started to bloom. I wonder if that's the culprit? If so, we may be generating some lovely cherry wood items at this time next year...

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