Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come on Irene

We fled London, complete with an arrival at Heathrow only to find firetrucks lined up and everyone standing outside, and have spent the last week enjoying a lovely, sunny week in Vermont. Then, on Friday, we packed up and headed to the Maine coast, just in time for a hurricane. Oh joy!

So far today it's been windy and grey, with some rain coming down, but nothing too exciting yet. Himself and I went down to the water to see what was going on. It was high tide, and the pier for the dock was almost under water. The harbor was quiet, with lots of boats moored to hunker down for the storm, and the wind was rippling the surface of the sea into incredible interference patterns and ruffles.


I hope everyone else on the East Coast is staying warm and dry and safe. I'm going to hunker down and watch movies with the girls. See you on the other side!


  1. Porpoise:
    Hope you, Ironman, the girls and your family in VT and ME are weathering the storm/flooding okay. Thinking of you...

  2. We are all dry and well. Worst of it was some pretty strong winds, but the only serious issue was that the sail boat flipped over. Thankfully that was easily remedied. Folks in VT are also well, if somewhat more flooded then when we left. Thankfully everyone is safe and sound, and on high ground! But it may be a while before the bridges and roads recover...:-(