Monday, December 5, 2011


Well, the run up to Christmas is in full swing around here. The girls have a week plus a bit of school left, then the grandparents arrive(for three weeks) and the uncled arrives (for a long weekend), and then there's more things going on then can possibly be listed or elaborated on in one post.

The girls love the idea of advent calendars, so much so that when Himself goes away on a business trip, he makes them advent calendars for the time he's gone. It's very cute. And since it's December, it is full on advent all the time. First there's the standard Advent Calendar that Nana sent. It lives on the fridge. Then there's the computer-based Advent Calendar that Mermaid sent (second year in a row, and they spent hours last year with the first one). This year it's set in London, which is quite appropriate, and it's already providing much entertainment.

Then there's the activity Advent Calendar that I put together, shameless swiping the idea from earthchick.

Day 1: painting of the toenails

Day 2 and Day 3: writing letters to Santa and sorting out of old toys for the charity shop (no pictures, just two big bags full o' crap).

Day 4: making fairy tiaras to wear to dinner.

So far, the girls seem to be having a good time, and it's giving us some good crafty time together, which is always nice. Let's hope it continues to go smoothly!

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