Friday, June 12, 2009

An English Garden I haz one

I certainly had a preconceived notion of what an English garden should look like. And it turns out the one we have is pretty darn close to my theoretical stereotype. No, it's not the Secret Garden of FHB's imagination, but it does have some of the important characteristics. Which is to say, a cubic buttload of roses.


There are at least 30 rose bushes in the front and back gardens. Incredible!

There are also apple trees, pear trees, a huge sour cherry tree, grape vines and figs.


There are gorgeous clematis, which the girls and I happily picked today to bring inside. According to my mother-in-law, they make great cutting flowers.


There are also some unidentified gorgeous flowers,

Yes, I know that's an iris, but what's the pink thing in front?

This looks like butterfly bush to me.


And the wool-fiend in me was extremely gratified to discover these in the front garden.


Ahhhh...the ultimate moth deterrent

We are certainly enjoying the back garden, which has plenty of space for the kids to run around in, plus incredible plantings to enjoy. And, thankfully for the landlords, we also have a gardener, who hopefully will keep my black thumb from having too much influence.


  1. I am sooo jealous! We're beginning to turn brown here in Houston; the heat has been horrible! Send some of your "coolth" our way, please!

  2. Wait, that's your house's garden? I read this post thinking you'd visited somewhere until I read the title again. Oh. My. Trying to supress urge to become an expat...

  3. Yes, that is my backyard. It's long and narrow, with a small playhouse at the bottom (just above the Tube tracks), and more roses then anyone could ever wish for. It's awe-inspiring!

  4. Very jealous of all the lovely flowers (and, actually jealous of the backyard, come to think of it). Good to see the transplanted soutwestern US lizard, though, in amongst the things. You haven't gone completely native on us! (Have you seen my sis' new dog pics? check out her facebook stuff)

  5. We are both jealous of all the beautiful flowers. Especially hubby with his green thumb!

  6. Gorgeous! BTW, it's 97 billion degrees here today. Wanna trade?

  7. The pink flower in front of the Iris is a rhodedendron (check spelling).