Monday, June 22, 2009

They had fun storming the castle

All that torturing and beheading was hard work!

That was hard work

We took the girls and Mermaid to the Tower of London this weekend, and much fun was had by all. There was pigeon chasing,


escape attempts,

Boo and arrow slit
Thankfully she couldn't fit through

ice cream eating, and Crown Jewel admiring. We saw the spot where a number of the nobility were beheaded, including Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey.

The tower does not, unfortunately, have a white peacock, but it does have ravens. Really big ravens. Who are fed 6 oz of raw meat a day. Plus biscuits soaked in blood. Yuck!


  1. Mermaid????

    Ravens creep me out. Crows and grackles too. And turkey vultures. Ewwwwww. Not a bird person, I guess.

    Wow - really summery, eh?

  2. Mermaid is my mother-in-law - it's a long time family nickname.

    Hey, that's summer in England man. Fleece and long sleeves! Actually, the girls just refused to completely change out of their pajamas, so there you are.