Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 6: Manchester to Ludlow

Today's profile was the reverse of yesterday's - 80+ miles of more-or-less flat country lanes and then a big climb. About 20 miles in, the heavens opened and released a biblical downpour for about 30 minutes. I ended up completely soaked to the skin, as well as freezing cold, so it was a long haul to pit stop 1, where the sun was out. This pattern was repeated for the rest of the day - soaking rain, then sun and wind to dry us off, then more rain.  I took off a bit hard from the first stop, since I was pretty cold. The route went along tiny country lanes lined by hedgerows. When the sun was out, it was absolutely lovely.

Andy warned us last night to save our legs for the first two thirds of the stage, because the steepest climb we've had yet was coming at mile 85. The climb, again, was long and relatively steady except for a few short steeper bits. My legs felt pretty good though, and I was pleased to be the first of my group up to the top. From there it was rolling terrain for ten miles and then a nice long downhill. So no Long Mynd, but a pretty tough day nonetheless.

My knee is doing much better, but my ankle is worse. The word from the medics is that the solution is to stop riding, surprisingly enough! Mostly its just a bit of tendonitis, so I'm on a strict ibuprofen refining. Hooray for anti-inflammatories!

I've attached a few pictures for today, including one of my interesting hand tan. Even with all the rain we've had, I'm getting some funny lines!

Today is my tenth wedding anniversary. On our first anniversary, Himself and I did a 40k time trial together. So there is a precedent for silly athletic events on this important day. I wouldn't be here if not for his support, so thank you sweetheart. I'm so glad you forced me to sign up for this!

Day 6: 106/650/~953


  1. Happy Anniversary to my dear WH and her Ironman! Your wrist tan-line is interesting, but the indentations that make your wrist look kinda soggy are even funnier. Way to go with the last big climb!

    A certain couple from Eugene had their son, Nico, on the 14th - everyone is safe and sound. Will give you any details you might want to know when you're done trolling around england on two wheels. Keep up the fantastic work!


  2. Just finished reading from day #1. I'm both jealous and quite in awe (and also had some flashbacks to bag balm stories you and Bean told me after the Aids ride). This sounds like an amazing adventure and I hope that the magic power of ibruprofin (however it's spelled) keeps the pain away. I look forward to tomorrow's installment.