Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh for fuck's sake

Why am I still awake? It's almost 1 am here in Texas, and we have just completed our household inventory. I'm still unclear on what exactly is going with us and what is staying in storage. But so be it. Come Monday the movers will be here and it will be (mostly) all over.

I look around our house and realize we have a ton more stuff then we did when we moved here from our grad student digs in Tucson six years ago. But it probably isn't all that much stuff in reality - we can take as much as we care to, since we haven't filled up our shipping container allotment yet. And the house we're moving to is bigger then our current adobe. It's amazing how putting it all down in black and white (or pixels in our digital case) makes you realize exactly how much stuff you have. Yikes. No more back of the truck moves for us my friends. No more...

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