Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some backstory

OK, so you may be wondering what this little corner of the Internet is all about. Allow me to introduce you to the main players:

Me: one 36-year-old, currently surviving as a Boston Yankee living in Space City (that would be Houston y'all), but on the cusp of fulfilling my every childhood WASP fantasy by moving to London in a mere two and a half weeks. I'm moving because 

My husband: has a job that requires him to relocate across the pond. While we enjoy Texas waaaaay more then we ever thought we would, we are not sorry for the opportunity to go overseas. My other half was raised in Vermont, and likes to pretend he's a real Vermonter, but alas, he was actually birthed in Massachusetts, so he's SOL on that score.

We are taking with us our two young daughters: Devil, who just turned 4, and Boo, who is 25 months old. Boo has no clue as to what is going on, and it's just as well. Devil is alternately not at all interested in moving and ecstatic with the thought that we're moving to a country with A. Real. Queen. And. Real. Princesses. Walt's minions have a lot to answer for on the Princess obsession in my household, let me tell you.

As for the blog title: I had a friend in college who was totally enthralled with the fact that some number of my ancestors came over to the New England area early on in the English occupation of the country, and did cool things like hang out with Cotton Mather and get kicked out of the Boston Meeting for marrying someone from the Worcester Meeting (or something like that). My father and my grandfather and my umpteenth-great grandfather all went to Milton Academy and to Harvard at some point, and several of them only went to Harvard (Dad was a great rebel and branched out to (gasp!) Yale for grad school). My grandmother at one point seriously asked me if I wanted to "come out". And that didn't mean the same thing in the 80s as it does today, believe me! So I see this adventure we are about to embark on as a return to my Ancestral Homeland as it were. The husband thinks I'm a bit nutty, the kids are Texans, and it's all going to be very interesting.

However, I am in the midst of making an inventory of every single thing we own, so if you'll excuse me, I've got some crap to list.

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