Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The State of Our Nation

1. House is 95% packed, shipping container (holy crap big!) arrived on a truck this morning to be loaded with our sea freight, we are finding things we'd forgotten we had and everything is moving along.

2. My leave/grant/work status remains unresolved. I fully expect this condition to persist until, oh let's say, July.

3. We may have someone who will rent our house. This only partially makes up for the heartburn I am experiencing from #2 (is it career suicide to tell my institution to take a flying fuck leap? I suspect so...)

4. The girls have adjusted remarkably to our "new house" (a hotel), and are looking forward to seeing their grandparents. I can't take them to daycare anymore because it makes me cry.

5. Houston is gifting us with some remarkably fabulous weather for our last few days here. I'm holding tight to the knowledge that in mere days it will be 95 degrees with 90% humidity in order to make this more bearable.

6. I'm going to deck the next person who asks me if I'm excited about the move. Yes, I am theoretically excited, but the metric crapton of stuff to be done before we actually get on the plane to London (not to mention the Lurking Black Cloud of Doom that we might not actually make it there hovering over my head) is blocking out the excitement. Go away.

7. I like moving, I like moving, I like moving - this is my new mantra, but unfortunately it's not working so well.

Of the three posts on this blog, 2 are complaining. I can promise that this will not be the permanent tone. Really!


  1. to you, commments (uncommonly long, i admit):

    1. compared to the average american family, i'm sure you have maybe 1/4 of the stuff -maybe 60% of which is useful and some are books. books are important!
    2. YOU WILL BE FINE. I repeat, you will be fine. And if not, maybe people will be impressed by the sheer chutzpah of said supposed career immolation and beg you to come back. Did I mention you'll be fine?
    3. Get some tums, baby. Perforated esophagi - suckage.
    4. You just made me tear just a little with your day care comment. I swear, that place is daycare Shang-Ri-La!
    5. Yes, Houston's just that kind of bitch or haircut. You know, the one that's super nice and attractive just before you break up with it?
    7. You are going on a great adventure, lady. And will be within driving (biking?) distance of the mr. Bragg. I have only green eyed jealousy here. And, sometimes you're mantra has to be F*** Me, F*** Me, F*** Me - just under your breath for the sake of the kiddos.

    6. So, you're excited about the move - right? (i just dare you to come and deck me in person!!)

    good luck on your re-patriation, dear WH. i look forward to reading about your adventures of both the anglophilic and anglophobic variety... xo

  2. I am really looking forward to reading your adventures here, since you're just so honest about things. It will never be boring. :)

  3. What's the conversion rate between a metric crapton and an American crapton?

    Have a safe trip!